About Us


       CyberSDC protects businesses from the risks of IT security threats.

       Stability in activity.

       Your business needs a robust foundation, we increase the availability of critical systems (application servers, collaboration solutions or email, communication solutions) with 24/7 monitoring solutions, 24/7 integrated alarm and team reporting system .

       Secure critical information by implementing protection solutions from outside and inside or backing up your own data.

       Supporting employee productivity through solutions to increase IT system availability through the use of modern proactive IT support tools that reduce the number of interruptions in daily activity by 80% by identifying potential crash situations before occurring or by quick interventions to resolve them when unexpected situations occur.

       Performance and control reports for IT systems to support management by understanding the uniqueness of each business for delivering relevant IT solutions and continuing delivery oversight through outsourced IT managers.

       Cost Efficiency through Consultancy in Relations with IT & C Service Providers or by Implementing Innovative Solutions to Control Printing Activity, Saves Energy Consumption and Improves Office Performance by Employees

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Better results for your business

           Through an IT service provided internationally, your company benefits from the IT support required to cover IT risks, IT system malfunctions, and support      employees without interruptions in activity. Together, your business exploits the benefits of technology for accelerated development.