Data Protection

   Complete Data Protection

       Complete Data Protection offers data protection inside the company.

       The data (information) owned by a company may represent the best price of it. Data storage and backup solutions guarantee the lack of data loss on the one hand, as well as the rapid restoration of data in the event of disasters. CyberSDC Data Protection implements and manages on-site and off-site data storage solutions for disaster recovery solutions. The algorithms used allow for the loss of data loss for companies of any size.

  1. Data Backup (Rescue and Restore)
  2. Managed secure access to workstations, email and applications and access rights
  3. Periodic IT audit
  4. Preventing intrusions into the local network
  5. Protection against the use of unauthorized software
  6. Monitoring and control of data transfers (USB, Email)
  7. Protection against device loss / theft
  8. Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management
Basic Complete Advanced

       SOC specialists will do the following:
- Identify the optimal backup solution and its implementation
- Define saved data and implement automatic periodic rescue
- Manage applications that actually perform periodic rescue
- Regular check of logs, identification of alarms and proactive solving of situations
- Check the backup and test its functionality - Periodic restorations to check the functionality of critical services

       Monitoring and control of data transfers (USB, Email)

       Continuous monitoring of documents coming out of the company via USB and Email and creating policies that protect and block information fraud is the key to protecting or minimizing the impact on your company.

       Protection against the use of unauthorized software

       Cyber SDC lets your business discover every application you use on the network. Otherwise, we can compare with the purchased license database, check if the latest version is used, and then begin updating, installing, or removing. In addition:
- Unidentified systems without security paces pose a major risk of network vulnerability
- I need to know all the licensed software installed in my business and compare the number and type of licenses I've bought
- Dropbox that file sharing software poses a high risk for data violation.