Advanced Security

   Advanced Security Solution

The Advanced Security Solution limits the risk that an IT attack or unauthorized access inside a company will generate significant financial losses and is further tailored to the requirements required by the GDPR norm.


  • Centralized security management and advanced configuration.
  • Centralized management for security updates.
  • Filtering Internet access.
  • Protection of WEB applications.
  • Centralized logging equipment management.
  • Aggregate, analyze, and correlate security logs.
  • Detecting security breaches. GDPR art requirement.
  • Regular scanning vulnerabilities. GDPR art requirement.
  • Regularly check Internet services and ports. GDPR art requirement.


  • Centralized server logs management.
  • Aggregate, analyze, and correlate security logs.
  • Detecting security breaches. GDPR art requirement.
  • Prevent data loss.
  • Monitoring and encryption of access to company resources. GDPR art requirement.
  • Centralized management of security updates for servers, services, and workstations.
  • Centralized antivirus / antimalware solutions.
  • Encrypt data in stationary, in transit and in motion. GDPR art requirement.
  • Provide access to data according to policies and procedures.
  • Encrypting access to databases. GDPR art requirement.
  • Provides access to authorized equipment only.
  • Centralized data warehousing management, encryption and verification. GDPR art requirement.

       Preventing intrusions into the local network

Knowing what you have in your network is the foundation of any security strategy. Unknown equipment in your network poses high security risks. CyberSDC continuously scans network devices, detects everything connected, and records each device in the system.

Once an unknown device enters the network we are alarmed and we can allow it to access the network or isolate it. Once registered, the system lets you track each device up to the component level and track any changes on the network or on the device itself, including both hardware and software changes.

       Periodic IT audit

       IT auditing provides recommendations for controlling information hazards, clarifies the types of threats and provides directions for addressing protection methods to ensure company welfare, minimize potential financial damage, maximize profit and business prospects of the organization.

       Specifically, regular IT auditing allows:

  • Identification of the risks that may affect the activity and its elimination;
  • Control over the way the contracted IT service is delivered and how the security risks
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       Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management

        Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management includes planning and preparation to ensure that the company's business can continue to operate in the event of serious incidents or disasters and is able to recover to an operational state within a short period of time. The team of specialists analyzes the services whose failure would create bottlenecks, implement the solution and manage its operation.

       Centralized management of protective equipment

      You can react immediately to limit the risk of an IT attack generating losses. This is almost impossible to achieve without having a centralized management solution. Finding out what your priority is for your IT provider would mean unreasonable costs. Centralized security management services enable CyberSDC specialists to take immediate action and provide the necessary external security in the context of new IT security threats.

       Making security updates for workstations and network equipment

      The team of CyberSDC specialists are responsible for updating the equipment in the company. The first stage involves testing all new security updates, validating them and then applying them to all the equipment used both daily and for equipment whose use is periodic.

       Intrusion Protection (Log Analysis, Access Applications and Databases)

       Centralized aggregation, monitoring, analysis and correlation security logs security and server security logs (SIEM)

       The CyberSDC team of professionals collects in real-time, 24x7, security events, correlating them and intervening in real time to limit the impact on a company. With the implemented security systems implemented, we identify the risks, analyze them, validate them and in case of a security incident, we report them within 72 hours to the National Security Breach Supervisory Authority.

       Permanent Security Scan + Alarms Validation

       External Protection Security insurance