Basic Security

   Basic Security Done Right

       Basic Security - DONE RIGHT has the role of protecting your company by taking action that, in case of failure, will not affect your most important things: information, applications, databases, servers, stations work and systems.

  • Securing Internet access. This Firewall Device.
  • Secure Internet access to company resources.
  • Centralized and secured workstations.
  • Centralized and secure file access.
  • Secure website access company.
  • Secure file transfer access.
  • Secure Mail and Mail Server Access.
  • Periodically save data.
  • Workstation security updates.
  • Anti-virus / anti-malware detection.

Basic Complete Advanced

       Managed secure access to workstations, email and applications and access rights

Centralized management of workstations provides the ability to control unit and organizational components of a local computer network. In a central server, you can authenticate IT systems on a network based on user and password, assign specific rights to directories and files, or limit access to running certain applications on the workstation. This ensures uninterrupted access to documents as well as control of access to documents or workstations.

       Protection against device loss / theft

The loss of one of the equipment can be translated into a loss of money, but also in confidential or sensitive data. Cyber SDC limits the risk that confidential information can be accessed in a situation where equipment is lost.

       Internet access management (Firewall Filtering, RDP)

A recent report by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has shown that 80% of all cyber attacks can be prevented. The difference between being protected or being a victim of an informatic attack often affects details. Protection against off-site attacks is dependent on the purchased firewall solution and the training level of the specialist that configures the solution.